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About Nick

Who am I?
Well let me humbly explain in third person...

Nick is a Spectacular performer who blends performance, dance, choreography, theatrics, and playing music to bring his performances to soaring heights of all inspiring awe, grace and professionalism!
Nick specializes in breath-taking, extraordinary, and multi-talented fire performances.
Customized to your event, budget, and vision, there are many options to make your event unique in its right. The possibilities are endless!
Nick performs several other unique acts such as Skateboard Fire Performances, Playing the Ukelele, LED light shows, and much more! Make your event something your guests will be talking about for years to come!


..pretty cool right?


        To start, I am an all around entertainer. Besides throwing fire, I DJ, Juggle, and skateboard. I have 12 years+ experience performing with fire and am trained in fire safety. In my performances safety is the number one priority. Then comes FUN! 

        I perform for themed and unthemed parties and festivities as well as corporate events and picnics. From Tahitian Hawaiian party themes to dressing in Star Wars Storm Trooper attire, the possibilities are near limitless. I enjoy what I do otherwise I wouldn't be doing it. I am well aware of all the risks involved in this type of performance and prepare for any and all foreseeable hazards. 

          Thank you for stopping by and reading a little bit about me. I hope to shock and awe your next event! I'm easy to talk to so don't hesitate to ask me about any questions or concerns you may have. Have a great day!

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